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plant:life clinic

I am available for one to one coaching in my virtual clinic, providing nutrition and lifestyle assessment and counselling. These sessions will be tailored to your individual needs. 

Why not book a free no obligation discovery call? During this call you will have the opportunity to ask more about plant:life nutrition, how we can work together, and see if we are the right fit for each other. We will then go through my current services to find which is best for you.
During your initial consultation we will explore your goals, priorities and health concerns. In this detailed assessment we will discuss your medical and diet history and look at your current lifestyle, including your routines and habits. We will work together to identify any limitations and barriers to change, so that we can create a plan of action that overcomes these and sets you on the path towards achieving your short and longer term goals.  Bespoke resources, including a full plan of action, will be provided following the appointment.

During follow up consultations we can dig a little deeper. You will be learning new skills and techniques, cultivating new mindsets, and developing a deeper trust in yourself. So we will have the opportunity to explore these further and troubleshoot any stubborn areas of difficulty.  An updated plan and any additional resources will be provided following the appointment.


My ‘Power Up!’ sessions are designed as a one-off kick start to living happier and healthier.  They are most suitable to people who don’t have complex health concerns that might take a little longer to work through.  During this session we will identify your key concerns and find some practical solutions that you can act on immediately.  I will leave you with a mini action plan designed to empower you and give you direction to begin to ‘unlock your potential’.

Of course, if you decide you want follow up sessions after this, you are more than welcome!

Initial Consultation


Around 1 hour

Follow up*


Around 40 minutes

Package One**


Initial + 2 follow ups

Package Two


Initial + 4 follow ups

Power Up!


Around 90 minutes

* £60 after first 5 appointments

 ** Most popular

When booking a package, we will only set the initial appointment time and date at the outset. The follow ups will be booked as we go, to suit your plan and timetable

To find out further information and book a discovery call please get in touch. I am usually quite flexible and understand that people have busy timetables.  I can therefore offer appointments at unsociable hours if that suits you better (7am on Saturday morning anyone?!).

plant:life 'out and about'

If you are local (Sheffield and the adjacent Peaks) and like the idea of a consultation whilst on the move, why not sign up to my new ‘out and about’ service?  From a short stroll and a sit on a park bench, to a more strenuous hill walk – the choice is yours. This is a great way for me to get to know you and offer my advice in a more informal setting. 


Alternatively, if you would like to meet me in the comfort of your own home, this can also be arranged.

Please read the plant:life clinic blurb above. The appointments have the same aim, but work better in sessions of at least one hour, so are priced slightly differently – you can chose a single hour, or ‘double up’ for a longer 2 hour appointment.  Bespoke resources and action plan will be provided following the appointment.


I also offer a shopping tour which helps you to navigate your way from the theory around food choices that I teach, to the practicalities of what to buy and where to find it.

Single Appointment*


Around 1 hour

‘Double Up’ Appointment


Around 2 hours

Shopping Tour


Around 1 hour

* £90 after first 4 appointments

To find out further information and book a discovery call please get in touch. I am usually quite flexible and understand that people have busy timetables.  I can therefore offer appointments at unsociable hours if that suits you better.

plant:life talks

Would you like to hold a nutrition or lifestyle-related talk or event in your workplace or community group?  We all understand the importance of good health within our workforces and the wider community.  I can provide information, knowledge and encouragement to your workers, volunteers or group members.


My aim is always to empower them to become their best and most productive selves.  I do this by helping them to understand that they are in control of their long term health and wellness, far more than they probably believe.   

Hosting health events provides a great team building opportunity and can be a fun way to promote wellbeing amongst your employees, volunteers or members.


I am able to tailor talks and workshops to meet your needs, and therefore prices will vary, and will depend on your unique requirements. 


Please get in touch to discuss what type of talk or workshop would suit your needs, and a quote can be provided. 

plant:life content writing

Would you like an article or blog about the health benefits of a plant-based diet?


Is there a hot topic being discussed in the media and you need an expert opinion? 


I can provide written content and media comments on a range of health-related topics, particularly around how nutrition affects health and quality of life. 

Each piece will be written according to your unique requirements, therefore prices will vary. Please get in touch to discuss your needs, and a quote can be provided.

✅ You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal 

✅ Bespoke resources provided are included in the fee

✅ Any letters or referrals to other services are included in the fee